What is to be done? Struggle!

Map of Palastinian populations & Israleli settlements. Click to see larger image. The 'Security Barrier' or 'Separation Wall'

3 Jewish soldiers take a souvenir photo above a dead Palestinian.

 Palestinian boy, Faris Odeh, shot and killed by Israeli forces on November 9, 2000 Mohammed helps her 12-year-old son Abu Ali with a toy suicide-bomber belt he fashioned. "I hope to be a martyr ... I hope when I get 14 or 15 to explode myself." His mother is proud of her son: "God gave him to me to protect and defend our homeland." Photo Maya Alleruzo

Abu Al Majd is a 23-year-old university student who is trained as a sniper. He patrols his  Gaza City neighborhood at night to guard against Israelis. "We are the eyes which watch these people and our homes," he says. Photo: Maya Alleruzo  Thirteen-year-old Ezzedime Al Hillou is mourned by playmates at a Gaza City mosque in May, 2002. Ezzedime was shot by Israeli troops while playing near his home at the Kharny Crossing checkpoint into the Gaza Strip and died when no ambulance could reach him. He wears a Hamas headband. Photo: Maya Alleruzzo

Rachel Corrie, along with other members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) attempt to prevent the destruction of Palestinian homes by Israeli bulldozer. Rachel Corries non-violent resistance confronted an unrelenting bulldozer operater. Rachel Corrie died as a result of being run over by the bulldozer.