Narcissus scaberulus Henriques


Bulb small, globose, pale
Leaf glaucous, erect or prostrate andsinuous, 2-keeled, 2 mm wide, 7 cm long, often with scabrid edges
Stem round, striate, 7 cm
Pedicel to 25 mm
Tube greed, 2mm diameter, 14 mm long
Flowers 1-5, ascending, 18 mm diameter
Petals deep yellw, just imbricate, patent or slightly reflexed, apiculate, 3 mm wide, 7 mm high
Corona deep yellow, cup-shaped, often incurving at margin, minutely crenulate or entire, 5 mm high, 7 mm diameter
Anthers biseriate, 3 in corona and 4 in tube
Style just vertopping upper anthers

Distribution - upper Mondego Valley (Portugal)

Ecology - granite gravel with plenty of moisture during the growing season, but extremely dry in summer

Phenology - mid-late March

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